Brace yourselves, Vera Wang has created the lingerie wedding gown trend.

Vera Wang’s bridal gowns are known for their eloquent details, pronounced silhouettes, and innovative designs. Perhaps most notably, Wang takes risks, and her latest Spring 2017 collection is no exception.

The New York-based designer appears to have embraced the ‘naked dress‘ trend, with lingerie-inspired gowns that offer sensuality with a regal twist.

She says the gowns are in part influenced by the monarchy in past centuries, featuring corsetry and full length beaded sleeves.

In her initial look book, Wang showcased the gowns without underwear underneath, however, in Sydney, the models wore underwear and lining.

How brides choose to wear their gown is entirely up to them, says Yvonne Yeoh, CEO of the Australian distributor of Vera Wang.

“If it’s a church wedding, I would really recommend adding the lining,” she laughed.


“But if it’s a beach wedding or something very informal, why not? It really depends on the bride.”

Yeoh believes Wang’s bold new collection reflects that modern brides have become “more edgy too”. Take a look at the collection. (Post continues after gallery.)

“I think for the most part Australian brides are still very traditional, very conservative and it’s all about being classy,” she said.

“But I think Vera Wang has taken it up a notch to play around with tradition to see which brides will take that risk.”

Yeoh expects, however, that it’ll be a certain demographic that will be brave enough to try the unique designs.

“These dresses are for the younger bride. Those who keep track of fashion will be most interested,” she said.

The gowns are priced between $5000 and $30,000, so it seems they’re also designed for those brides with a lot of cash monies.

You can try on the looks at the Vera Wang boutique downstairs at the InterContinental Hotel on Macquarie Street, Sydney.