Lindy Klim on watching your ex's new partner upload photos of your children.

Lindy Klim has detailed the internal struggle of watching your ex-husband’s new partner share photos of your children online.

In an interview with Stellar magazine, Klim shed light on the public and private tensions that exist between Klim and her former husband Michael, as both embark on relationships with different people.

In July, Michael and his partner Desiree Deravi publicly claimed they were being trolled by the former swimmer’s estranged wife, after Deravi uploaded photos of the former couple’s children on social media.

“We know it’s you @lindyklim so just stop with the trolling it’s pathetic you’re a grown women and stop being so disrespectful [sic],” Klim wrote on his new partner’s photo.

“If @michaelklim1 doesn’t mind and he is their father and the children don’t mind why should anyone else especially since @lindyklim has been blocked for trolling,” the fashion designer responded. “Let’s get one thing straight, making a fake account and TROLLING is never ok and these comments are not the first. It’s constant and inappropriate. Not mention the emails [sic]!”

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The mother-of-three, who announced her pregnancy to partner Adam Ellis that same month, never commented publicly on the claims.

This weekend, she told Stellar it isn’t an easy sight, seeing someone else upload photos of your children.

“Initially it was hurtful, but if they want to do it there is nothing to stop them. With social media, it becomes difficult; there’s a grey area of what’s acceptable and what’s not acceptable. We try to be conscious and aware of other people’s feelings. The kids are so happy and I’m quite surprised that throughout this whole thing, they seem OK with everything. There have been so many big changes in their little lives, but it’s gone quite smoothly.”

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In an interview with Stellar this time last year, the 39-year-old was candid about how the demise of her marriage was initially quite a shock.

“I felt very let-down; that was probably the humiliation of finding out about things in a magazine. I didn’t know that was going on, which was really hurtful.”

“Obviously we’d been struggling for a while, but I thought we were keeping a hold on it and trying really hard to work it out.”