The psychiatrist who advised police during the Lindt cafe siege has lost his job.

The high-profile psychiatrist who told police Man Monis was just “grandstanding” during the Lindt cafe siege has lost his job.

The doctor, whose name has been suppressed, will no longer advise the force after it was revealed his conduct during the 2014 hostage situation may have led police to underestimate the terrorist, according to The Daily Mail.

In his damning report published last month, the NSW coroner Michael Barnes said the psychiatrist grossly misread the situation unfolding inside the cafe when, at 1.50am on December 16, he described the mood as “calm”.

Just 23 minutes later, cafe manager Tori Johnson was shot dead by Man Monis.

Two hostages were killed during the 2014 siege. Source: Getty

“Critical self-reflection seemed absent,” the coroner said in his report.

“On occasions he gave the appearance of being more interested in promoting his opinions and perspectives than in seeking to help the court understand how things had gone wrong or demonstrating empathy for the hostages and the victims’ families."

As the The Daily Telegraph notesit is not the first time the practitioner's work has been questioned in court.

He was previously criticised for preparing a report on another doctor who drugged and raped a patient based only on the guilty doctor's testimony.

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The father of the second victim from the siege Katrina Dawson also criticised the doctor, recently telling Four Corners he believed the bad advice had grave consequences for the hostages.

“He was supposed to be just an adviser to the negotiators. In fact, it seems that he was a lot more than that,” Sandy Dawson said.

During the inquest, the psychiatrist himself admitted he was not aware of the call by IS two months before the siege for lone-wolf attacks to be carried out in their name, information experts have labelled as game changing.

He will reportedly be barred from a new panel of psychiatrists currently being set up for police will call on for advice in the future.