Lindsay Lohan photoshops her own waist... while wearing a corset.

Welcome to Hollywood, where being super slim, still isn’t slim enough…

Actress Lindsay Lohan, 28, isn’t shy about digitally altering her images before they roll out on social media.

Unfortunately, photoshop can be pretty obvious if not carried out in a certain way and the lasso tool doesn’t appear to be one Lohan has mastered just yet.

Can you see just under her left arm? Yeah.

In the image above, posted on Lohan’s instagram and twitter feeds earlier this week, the actress is pictured wearing tight shorts and a waist training corset. (For those not up to date with the latest crazy Hollywood weightloss trend, that’s an old-school style lace-up corset designed to further define and already thing waist by crushing your organs inwards. Fun!)

But it seems that the waist-trimming corset didn’t make the already-slim Lohan quite slim enough. A little bit of digital alteration had to be employed. How do we know? See those walls leaning in and the curvy floor at the base of the stairs? Yep, that image has been tampered with.

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Lohan later deleted the picture after fans called bullshit.

But let’s take a step back for just a moment and think about what is really going on here.

Lohan is a thin woman. She is taking active measures through using a waist training corset to make herself even thinner. She’s proud of how she looks, so she snaps a quick photo. But even that isn’t good enough, something has made her (or the people who work for her) decide she needs to look thinner again.

Welcome to Hollywood: Where slim perfection is so truly unattainable that the only women who can ever measure up are ones who’ve been cropped and sliced and preened by a computer.

And while we call it out again and again and again, praising brands who use ‘plus size’ models and hailing Beyonce as a popstar breaking the skinny mould – the truth? The truth is, we still live in a world completely and utterly obsessed by the pursuit of super slimness.

It’s exhausting.

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