Oh Lindsay Lohan. That arabic phrase does not mean 'You're beautiful'.

Classic Lindsay Lohan.

Don’t you hate it when you try and say something nice, and accidentally call someone a donkey?

The Hollywood actress was just trying to spread a bit of love on Instagram. Searching for something heartwarming for her Arabic pals, Lindsay must have typed ‘You’re beautiful Arabic’ into Google and selected the first image she saw, which was this one:

Lindsay’s Instagram post

Great sentiment, Li-Lo. Probably shouldn’t trust Google, Li-Lo.

Actual meaning of the arabic phrase she posted: You’re an ass. Or a donkey.

Her Arabic-speaking Instagram followers were quick to point out her mistake.

The post was quickly taken down when Lindsay realised she’d made an ass of herself.

At least she didn’t get it tattoed on her wrist. #noragrats