'There are sick, twisted people out there'. Lincoln Lewis responds to catfishing case.

When Lincoln Lewis issued a warning in 2013 about a fake profile claiming to be him, he didn’t know just how serious things would become.

Just this week, the ABC broke the story of catfish Lydia Abdelmalek following her conviction of six stalking charges on April 1.

Over years, Abdelmalek acted as a catfish, posing as people she wasn’t on the internet. She was behind the fake profile of former Home and Away actor Lewis, and led multiple women to believe they were in a relationship with him.

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Mamamia’s daily news podcast The Quicky speaks to the ABC journalist who broke the story. Post continues after audio.

For Lincoln, the invasion of privacy was scary. During Abdelmalek’s trial, he recalled the time he spoke with one of the victims, Emma*, and informed her that she had been catfished and they were not in a relationship.

He also remembered being approached while on holiday in Bali by someone who said they were online mates. They weren’t.

In 2013 he tweeted about the fake profile, confirming it was not him and warning his followers not to believe it.

“It’s come 2 my attention some weird ppl have made fake FB profiles impersonating me & causing alot of drama,” he said at the time.

“If anyone has ever received inbox or talk on FB it’s NOT me.”


Now Lewis has again turned to Twitter to address the story, which has plagued him for eight years.

“Having your number, address, personal details illegally obtained and photos doctored was scary,” he wrote.

“Having them used to catfish people is sickening.

“But nothing can give back or make right what this sick person did and took away from the victims.”

He issued a warning to everyone on social media, especially parents, telling them to make sure they are absolutely sure of who they and their children are talking to.

Lewis ended his three-part message by thanking the police who “worked tirelessly” to bring Abdelmalek to justice.

“You see the worst actions in people yet never give up. You are amazing. Thank you.”



Lydia Abdelmalek was found guilty of stalking six people, including Emma, who suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and anxiety and took her own life last year.

Abdelmalek will be sentenced in June.