The Australian actor who just got edited out of his movie.

Well this is awkward.

Former Home and Away actor Lincoln Lewis was cast in the blockbuster Will Smith science-fiction movie After Earth.

He was thrilled because, you know, Hollywood called, Will Smith is Will Smith, it could have been his big break, etc etc acting things. So, Lincoln did all his actor things, and acted in his acting scenes. And then when the movie came out, he discovered that he’d been edited out of the whole thing. His precious acting moments? Gone. His shiny role in a futuristic movie with ONE OF THE MEN FROM MEN IN BLACK? Gone.

The director apologised to him when they ran into one another on the red carpet. The 26-year-old has been very good-natured about it, joking that he does appear in the film for “a few seconds” and that he will be dropping by the director’s house to watch some of the edited-out footage.

But actually, Lincoln might be the lucky one.

The movie he got edited out is widely regarded as one of the worst films ever. It has been described by critics as “stodgy and meaningless,” “pompous, humourless tosh” and also “ummm, no”.

So, maybe Lincoln Lewis dodged a bullet here? A Will Smith branded, humanity-killing bullet from the future.