Lily's jumpsuit on The Wrong Girl has won some celebrity fans.

Aside from that epic dance routine, there was one thing that really stood out in last night’s episode of The Wrong Girl.

Lily’s birthday jumpsuit.

It’s Lily’s 30th on #TheWrongGirl tonight, and she’s a 15/10 smoke-show in a @rebeccavallance pantsuit at her party and also: girl can dance. It was no accident that in the book version (and the TV version) of TWG a lot of Lily’s fears and self-created deadlines come to the fore as the sun sets on 29. (Me? I nicked off to Mykonos and went skinny dipping at Nammos with my mates, a tremendous way to usher in a glorious decade). Any time a woman is turning 30, I grab her arm, and look her dead in the eyes and tell her that her life is about to get REALLY great now. (I make it a bit scary so she listens). It’s true! Life does get better at 30, and it continues to get better. Experience and confidence and self-assuredness finally starts to triumph over the insecurity and confusion of your 20s. Anyway. I’ve had too much coffee: watch the episode tonight at 8.40 on Channel 10 already! ????

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After Lily (played by Jessica Marais) rocked up to her surprise 30th birthday party in jeans and her trusted leather jacket (she thought she was going to putt putt), best friend Simone pulled out the stylish black jumpsuit for her to wear instead.

With its high halter neck, open back detailing and night out practicality (see: epic dance routine) it was possibly the best outfit so far on a TV series that has already been applauded for its style.


Image: TenPlay.

It even got its own slow-mo entrance into the party.

It wasn't just us - even Marais' fellow cast mates were jealous of the jumpsuit.

"I was OBSESSSSSSED with this jumpy," wrote Christie Whelan Browne, who plays Nikki, on Instagram.

"I couldn't make the party (washing hair, waxing hair etc) but Erica is soooo 'borrowing' that jumpsuit for the Breakfast Bar Christmas Party," added Madeleine West (who plays TV host Erica). (Post continues after gallery.)


And yes, of course creater Zoe Foster-Blake was also a fan.

"It's Lily's 30th on The Wrong Girl tonight and she's a 15/10 smoke-show in a Rebecca Vallance pantsuit at her party," she wrote on Instagram.

The black jumpsuit (or pantsuit) is from Aussie designer Rebecca Vallance - although unfortunately it's from the label's past season.

Cue the tears.

In fact, if we'd known about the existence of the jumpsuit a mere few weeks ago, we might even have been able to pick it up ON SALE.


Sometimes the world works in cruel and mysterious ways.

The good news is that the brand does have some other great jumpsuits still available for your 30th birthday/upcoming event/veg-in-front-of-the-tv outfits.

Our picks are the Maggie May Cutaway Jumpsuit with a cheeky midriff cut-out and bra-strap style back. With fab dramatic wide legs, it's also on sale for $335.


Image: Rebecca Vallance

The Courtside Bustier Jumpsuit, $499, is also another great slightly more decorative option.

While Lily's behaviour in the ep (lying to her best friend, kissing Jack) may have been verging on wrong, this outfit was very, very right.

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