FLUFF: Lily Allen tweeted a photo of herself being handcuffed. But why?

Lily Allen tweeted this photo — where she’s on her knees, hands behind her back, being handcuffed by Australian police officers.

It was taken when the singer arrived in Queensland ahead of her Splendour in the Grass performance.

Spoiler alert: Lily Allen didn’t actually get arrested. She just flashed her famous smile and asked Gold Coast policemen to handcuff her for fun. She didn’t get in trouble, but boy oh boy, the policemen did.

The Daily Mail reports that Australian Police have launched an internal investigation into the policemen involved — who broke protocol by handcuffing someone as a joke.

Meanwhile, Lily‘s deleted the photo, dyed her hair, performed on stage, worn a koala beanie, and jetted off back to the UK.

Here she is in a lemon yellow jumpsuit.

Here she is, make-up-free, with brand new fluffy rainbow hair.

Aaand here she is, hands in the air like she just don’t care.

And because we’re a little bit in love with her this morning, here’s Lily Allen through the years. So many hair changes…

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