Lily Allen changes her rainbow hair to something a little more... normal.

After reports that Lily Allen had dyed her hair all the colours of the rainbow turned out to be false, we’re excited to see the singer has actually changed up her ‘do for real.

Lily Allen has ditched the pink and purple for blonde. Image via Instagram (@lilyallen)

Allen revealed her new hair on Instagram, swapping her coloured 'do for a platinum blonde bob.

Are we the only ones getting major Sia vibes from this look?

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It's a big change for Allen, who is no stranger to brightly coloured hair.

The past few months have seen the singer sporting a range of candy colours, including various shades of pink and purple.

Lily Allen seems to be a fan of candy coloured hair. Image via Instagram (@lilyallen)

A natural brunette, she follows in the footsteps of Kim Kardashian who recently surprised everyone by ditching her dark brown locks for peroxide blonde.

But being blonde can be a full time job as Kim has found out, sharing on Instagram about how much work is required to keep her blonde hair looking fresh.

"Being blonde is a full time job!" Kim Kardashian joked on Instagram. Image: @kimkardashian

Allen's hair transformation is the opposite of January Jones, who went from her trademark blonde to a dusty pink last week.

Plenty of other celebrities have also been hitting the hairdressers for a new cut and colour - take a look at some of our favourites below.