Lily Allen is selling foot pics online. But how much do 'footfluencers' really make?

Foot fetishes have always gotten a bit of a bad rep, but Lily Allen is unfazed by the haters. The British singer has embraced a new hustle, announcing her venture into OnlyFans to sell photos of her feet.

The idea arose after her feet received high ratings on the foot-ranking site WikiFeet, and while it's certainly not a career path for everyone, we have to respect the drive. 

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From music to foot photography, Allen is a woman of many talents. To promote her new endeavour, she shared a link to her OnlyFans account on Instagram, featuring a fresh black pedicure photo covered with a heart sticker — she doesn't work for free.

Image: Instagram @lilyallen.


"Just here for the shoes," reads Allen's OnlyFans bio. Since its launch, she has posted four photos and six videos showcasing her perfectly pedicured feet.

In a recent episode of her podcast Miss Me? Allen discussed what led her to explore the foot industry.

"I have a lady who comes and does my nails and they informed me that I have five stars on WikiFeet, which is quite rare," she said proudly.

"My feet are rated quite highly on the internet."

Image: Instagram @lilyallen.


Thankfully, she recognises the current cost-of-living crisis and has opted to keep the price for viewing her feet quite affordable at just $10 USD (AUD $15) per month.  

More than 2,000 users have given Allen's feet a five-star rating on WikiFeet, placing her among celebrities like Margot Robbie, Emma Watson, Ariana Grande, and Ana de Armas as one of the highest-rated on the platform.

This means, that if everyone who voted for Allen's feet subscribed to her OnlyFans, she could potentially earn around $20,000 per month, totalling approximately $240,000 annually. Not bad for a side hustle aye? 


So, how do you get into the foot business if you're not a celebrity with millions of followers? And is it as lucrative as it seems? We did some investigating and uncovered the answers to all of your burning questions (including which other celebs are making serious bank by selling photos of their feet on the internet).

How much do foot pics sell for in Australia?

According to Feet Finder, in Australia, foot pictures typically sell for $30 to $100 per photo. Some sellers recommend starting on the higher end of this range, around $75 to $90 per photo. However, the exact price can vary depending on factors like quality, uniqueness, and demand.

If you wear size 8 shoes, you're in luck — this size is highly coveted among foot enthusiasts. People with size 8 feet typically earn 15 per cent more than those with other sizes. 

Speaking of money, the website reports that on average, foot models make nearly AUD $3,800 annually. However, those residing in Queensland are earning nearly a thousand dollars more, totalling $4,200 per year.  

As it turns out, Australians love feet, especially those aged between 30 and 49. This age fascination likely has to do with higher earnings, as many are willing to invest big money in foot photos.

Is selling foot pics legal?

Yes, selling foot pictures is perfectly legal in Australia so long as you're above the age of 18 and they are images of your own feet. While there are no specific laws surrounding feet pics, sellers must be aware of tax obligations to ensure they don't receive a hefty bill come tax time. 


What other celebrities have sold foot pics?

Turns out, Lily Allen is not the first celeb to enter the foot fetish market. In fact, plenty of famous faces have made quite a bit of money selling images of their feet on platforms like Feet Finder and OnlyFans.

Karrueche Tran.

Image: Getty.


In March this year, actress and model Karrueche Tran posted foot photos on Twitter, linking followers to her OnlyFans account.

However, shortly after the bold move, she faced backlash from her followers, to which she responded in a now-deleted tweet, "LOL at all the comments regarding OF. I'm not going broke.. just a smart play. Foot fetish is the number one fetish in the world. There's nothing sexual that will be on my page. It's literally my feet and if people are willing to pay, then what's the problem."

She later tweeted that she would be donating a portion of her earnings to different charities around Los Angeles.

Blac Chyna.

Image: Getty.


Blac Chyna began selling foot photos on OnlyFans in 2020, charging fans $50 per month or $450 annually. However, she opted to leave the platform in 2022 to improve her public image.

Reports indicate she earned $2 million over two years on the adult website but decided to move on to prevent young children from encountering explicit content.

"OnlyFans was catered to exploiting myself," she told Daily Mail. "Blac Chyna, because of my past, it was like 'she's a super exotic dancer, turned this.'"

"There were all these labels, and I was being even more sucked into it by being on OnlyFans and putting myself in a box," she said.

"It was just exploiting myself to get obviously money, but it wasn't showing my authentic self."

Katie Price.

Image: Getty.


Katie Price started selling photos of her feet on OnlyFans in 2022, telling fans during a Q&A that her favourite body part is her "small, good, princess feet".

Speaking to The Sun that same year, Price said: "Everyone always says how nice my feet are. I look after my feet really well. They're soft, small, and even though I broke them two years ago they're still intact."

"People are fascinated about my feet, apparently my feet are on some fetish sites."

Since then, Price has posted suggestive videos of her feet on OnlyFans, and is reportedly selling photos for £2.25 each (AUD $4.30)


What makes a good foot pic?

Not every foot photo is the same. 

While there's no ideal type of feet, there are certain rules you should follow if you want to sell images of your trotters on the internet. For one, make sure they're clean and moisturised. It's not a bad idea to get a pedicure beforehand to ensure your feet look fresh.

Speaking to Metro, people who have a foot fetish said the size and shape of the feet matter. Some like longer toes while others prefer shorter and wider soles.

"What makes feet so great as a submissive is that I can be teased in public anywhere, and it’s so easy to do it. And if I’m with a girl who knows I have a foot fetish she can dangle her shoes or rub her feet together or put them on me or something. That’ll get any guy with a foot fetish a little aroused," a source told the outlet. 

Experimenting with lighting and different angles is also not a bad idea. Maybe dress up your feet with a cute toe ring or an anklet to really get people going. 

Make sure your background isn't cluttered because the last thing you want is for your laundry to distract from your feet. 

The general takeaway is to not think about it too hard. With so many feet lovers out there, someone is bound to be attracted to yours no matter how they look. 

Feature Image: Instagram @lilyallen.

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