Singer Lily Allen thrown out of a taxi and abused with her kids by her side.

Lily Allen, 31, has recounted her traumatic experience of being thrown out of a cab in London when she tried to get a lift.

Posting a Twitter, the singer said as she tried to get in the cab the driver looked her up and down then abused her.

“Find an immigrant to drive you you stupid tart,” she recalled him saying.

Allen said the incident unfolded in front of her two daughters, Ethel, 4, and Marnie, 3.

Allen continued by posting a series of messages, including how this was her first insight into what it feels like to be discriminated.

According to The Guardian, the driver’s comments come after the 31-year-old made an impassioned plea on the UK to take in more refugees.

After her experience she believes there is still so much room for people to open their eyes to the realities of the world.

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After posting about the incident, Allen was immediately accused of being a liar by cruel followers.