FLUFF: Lil' Kim has just given her daughter the most 'celebrity' baby name ever

Step aside, Apple Martin. Your time is up, North West.

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve just reached a new frontier in celebrity baby names – and we have rapper Lil’ Kim to thank for it.

The 39-year-old welcomed a baby girl in New Jersey yesterday morning, her first child with long-time boyfriend and fellow rapper Mr Papers.

If you’re a fan of Lil’ Kim, you’ll be aware she also goes by the nickname Queen Bee. For those playing along at home, this little fact is worth knowing because it gives some context to the name the singer bestowed upon her daughter.

And that name is… Royal Reign.

Now, we all know royalty has wielded a huge influence on baby names in recent years, with the likes of William and George spiking in popularity for obvious reasons. But this… this is some next-level baby naming right here.

We’re not sure if Kim was inspired by the British royal family, the popularity of Lorde’s Royals, or the fancy title-holders in Game of Thrones and Downton Abbey, but we do know other celebrity mums will have to work hard to top her effort.

It doesn’t sound as though it was a last-minute decision, either. Last month, Kim – whose real name is Kimberly Denise Jones – celebrated her “little princess”‘s impending birth with a royal-themed baby shower fit for the daughter of a Queen Bee.

“At the beginning of the party, I was announced as The Queen with two trumpeters and even wore a crown!” the expectant mum told In Touch magazine.

Makes all those ‘eat the chocolate out of the nappy’ baby shower games seem rather subtle and tasteful, huh?

And now. More quirky celebrity baby names for your perusal:

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