Does your child look more like you or your partner?

It’s the question that drives many a parent nuts.

Who does your child really look like?

Your mother-in-law says its your husband. Oh she looks so much like her Daddy don’t you think? Maybe the next one will look like you dear.

Your father-in-law says the genes in his family have always been strong. Can’t you see the resemblance. Good strong genes. They’ve always won through.

And the guy who does your dry cleaning says she looks like neither of you.

Who she like? The milk man he he ha ha ha ha ha he says each and every time you venture in.

Your mum, of course ( god bless her) says she is the image of you as a baby.

Who does your baby resemble? Do you want to find out?

It is something that deep down we all secretly desire just a teeny-tiny bit of resemblance. Just a little nod to our own history.

So it is no wonder that a new app which claims to tell you exactly who your child most resembles is going ballistic.

The app "Like Parent" has similarities to the "How old" app which went gang busters just recently telling users their age.

For "Like Parent" to work you plug in a picture of you, your partner and your child and hey presto - your answer.

"Like Parent" has had such spectacular success it rose to the top spot in the US app store in less than a week.

Developed in Thailand by app creator Mualchon Chatsuwan its success has even stunned him.

I gave it a go with IVillage Editor, Alys Gagnon's gorgeous family....

Her baby Claire...

And the delectable William...


Well at least her hubbie, Ian will be thrilled with the results.

Creator of "Like Parent" Mualchon Chatsuwan told Business Insider he has no idea why it shot to success.  He said he’s never paid to have his app promoted, and its success is a “mystery for me too.”

Not a mystery to us Mr Chatsuwan, I say with conviction after wasting an hour of my morning downloading various images of my kids, my friends kids and various celebrity families just to see who looks like who.

Now this one was a no brainer... Maybe Princess Charlotte will look like her mum.

The Beckhams however surprised me a little. I always thought she was the image of her Dad.


The world of social media also buzz about just how much Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's daughter North looks like her Dad, but not so according to the expert app.

After an hour or so of "working" I began to get skeptical about this whole thing... So that's me, my flour-year old daughter and well.. can dream can't they?

According to Business Insider the "advanced algorithm" never claimed to be 100% accurate...

The fact is that children will have genetic similarities with both parents. We all know the old parenting folklore that babies tend to look more like their fathers than their mothers.

Well its just a myth. News to me too! But it turns out that this has been proven to be untrue. (Someone tell my mother-in-law please!)

The claim was that it was evolutionary, as fathers do not share a mother's certainty that a baby is theirs scientists speculated that they would be more likely to invest whatever resources they have in their own offspring if the hub looked like them at birth.  (Ah yes he IS mine!)

Human evolution, then, was speculated, would have favoured children that resembled their fathers.

But the theory was proven untrue by a study in 1999 published in Evolution & Human Behavior This study found that, in fact, in a photo-matching trial with pictures of one-, three- and five-year-old children and their parents, subjects identified mothers and fathers equally well.

A further study in 2004 showed that "Some babies resemble their father more, some babies resemble their mother more, and most babies resemble both parents to about the same extent."

(Gotta love science!)

Scientific American reports that two other studies in Evolution & Human Behavior, one in 2000 and one in 2007, found that newborns actually look more like their mothers than their fathers in the first three days of their lives, as judged by unrelated assessors.

But the babies' mums tend to say just the opposite, emphasising their newborn's resemblance to the dad.

Aren't we humans funny?

You can check out the "Like Parent" app here.

Have you given "Like Parent" a go? What were your results?

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