Every other wedding cake ever made can go home, right now.

It looks like a plain, boring wedding cake:

Nothing to see here. Just a boring old cake.

But when the lights go down, the cake lights up.

Tinkerbell flies across the cake and sprinkles her fairy dust all over the icing. Once Tinkerbell disappears, Cinderella’s horse-drawn carriage wheels across the cake, while stars twinkle above and swans kiss below.

It is the cake of your princess dreams. It is the cake to beat all other cakes.

And it’s been created by the wedding team at Disney, who take care of every meticulous detail if you’d like to have a Disney-themed wedding at one of their resorts (or at their hotel in Hawaii. Or on a cruise. Options!).

Check out the video below to see the cake in action (Tinkerbell comes in at about 20 seconds):

There’s a fancy name for the technique – it’s called cake projection mapping, and it’s the same technique Disney uses in their evening light shows throughout their resorts.

So. Keen to snap up the princess cake to beat all princess cakes?

We’ve got some bad news for you. You can only grab the cake if you sign up for one of the Disney Wishes Collection wedding packages, which apparently start at US$12,000.

While we put aside our concerns about grown-up women who may be taking their Princess fantasies a little too literally, we thought you’d also like to know that if you want to go the whole hog, you soooo can.

You can opt to get married at the Sleeping Beauty Castle, and include themed entertainment, visits from Disney characters and even the true Cinderella carriage.

Check out some Disney wedding photos – they are all kinds of fairytale-amazing:

Would you ever have a Disney-themed wedding? What do you think of the cake? 

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