"Kylie Jenner is getting her own TV show. And there's no way I'm watching it."

For years I’ve kept up with the Kardashians, greedily tuning into each variation on the format.

Be it the original, be it Kourtney and Kim Take New York, be it Khloe and Lamar or be it I Am Cait, I’ve happily sat back on the couch and laughed, cried and grimaced along as the family bare their lives (and butts) for our entertainment.

Sure, people mock them for having what they see as a completely vacuous existence. But look beyond the bling and assorted crazy things and what I see is a family that has even more love than cash. Not only will they come through for each other in times of need and distress but they’re also there to gleefully pull each other up when they take the excess a tad too far.

Their lives may be documented off-screen but there’s always another layer to discover as the “Klan” come together. Kim didn’t speak out about her horrifying Paris robbery until the Kardashians were all together on camera to do so. Ditto Kourtney and her marriage breakdown with Scott – instead we saw all the real and touching conversations happening on our TV screens.

But now we’ve come to the Life of Kylie. And for once, I plan to tune out.

The Life of Kylie will be an abject failure. Listen to why on The Binge podcast:

For those who’ve missed it, youngest sibling Kylie Jenner is set to get her own spinoff reality series.

“The show will follow Jenner as she navigates her unique life as an entrepreneur, fashion designer, author, television star, style icon and CEO/Founder of Kylie Cosmetics,” the press release breathlessly announced.

“Life of Kylie will document not only how she spends her professional time but also her personal time, including hanging out with close friend Jordyn Woods.”

So far, so Kardashian. But the difference this time around is that I don’t believe 19-year old Kylie has anything left to show us.

jordyns like .. don’t do it bitch!

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The puffy-lipped teen may be busy running all these multi-million dollar projects (although I strongly suspect there are others doing most of the hard yards for her) but she’s even busier documenting those endeavours on social media.

Is she surgically attached to Snapchat? And Instagram? The deluge of belfies and selfies come thick and fast on a daily basis. Like many teenagers before her Kylie’s a chronic oversharer with not much left unsaid or unsnapped.

So doesn’t this make the whole idea of the Life of Kylie redundant? When you’ve already shared your most intimate moments with the world on social media, what is there left to discover?


Personally, I’d be far more keen to see a spin-off with Kendall Jenner. Given she keeps her life far more on the down low, I’d definitely tune in to see what happens as she jets the globe with her fellow supermodel pals. Backstage at a fashion show? Yes please.

But instead we’re going to be given Kylie.

And let’s face it, there’s no denying she has an avid fan base – she’s already managed to build more followers than big sister Kim. So maybe I’m in the minority and the show will be a smashing success. Maybe rather than reaching peak Kardashian, I’ve actually reached peak grown up – I’m definitely far beyond the target age for the popular star.

I guess the success of the show will remain to be seen. Until then, you’ll find me no doubt obsessing over another reality TV obsession. When is The Voice starting again anyway?

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