"Nothing good happens after 2am": 20 harsh lessons you learn in your 20s.

Your twenties is quite 👏 a 👏 time 👏, isn't it? LOTSA stuff happens. Even though everything and everyone around you will go on about how it's the "best time of your life", it's actually really fkn not. 

Good. There. We said it.

It's an absolute s**t show. Between trying to work out who TF you are, you're suddenly paying bills, trying to suss out if you should invest in stuff (??), eating tuna and rice five days a week and just trying to, y'know, KEEP YOURSELF ALIVE. 

Meanwhile, half your highschool friends are posting about their babies, your ex has got engaged, and you’re just about 500 per cent done with it.

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Sure, your 20s is full of amazing highs (career things! that guy you like! your friend's dog!). But it's also full of all of these really CRUSHING lows. And you bloody bet you end up learning things the hard way.

Here are 20 brutal truths real people learnt in their 20s.

1. "Owning a house before 30 isn't as easy as it sounds." - Karen.

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2. "No one - honestly no one - is looking at you even a quarter as much as you think they are." - Petra.


3. "Your metabolism changes. You can't eat and drink like a rockstar and expect to fit into the clothes you wore in your teen years." - Isobel.

WORTH IT. Image: Giphy

4. "Pimples aren’t just a teenager thing." - Liv.

Pls make it stop. Image: Giphy


5. "Nothing good happens after 2am." - Charlie.

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6. "Making friends as an adult is super hard." - Nichole.

Can I interest you in a friendship? Image: Giphy


7. "People are mortal. People you know can die." - Brooke.

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8. "Your parents are actual people, just like you they have flaws." - Lee-Ann.

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9. "Your dad might not be your real dad." - Xian. 

OH. Image: Giphy.

10. "Most men don’t actually want to be friends with you." - Alex.

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11. "You can’t fix/change a romantic partner to suit your needs. They are what they are." - Bhavna

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12. "Living a good life takes work. You will have to get your hands dirty, think beyond yourself and put effort in if you want to get anywhere." - Pip.

EXHAUSTING. Image: Giphy

13. "Even long, strong friendships don't necessarily last." - Bel.

It's a no from me, dawg. Image: Giphy


14. "Under dressing in winter is a bad idea." - Jackie.

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15. "Adults don’t have it all worked out." - Rebecca.

Make it stop. Image: Giphy


16. "You *actually* need insurance." - Keren.

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17. "Thinking money problems aren't an issue for 'future you'." - Ashleigh.

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18. "Housework really is as much of a burden as your parents always complained it was." - Em

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19. "You are always replaceable at work. As much as you hate to hear it " - Natalia.

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20. "Sometimes the problem is your responsibility or your fault and not someone else’s." - Donna.

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What are some brutal life lessons that you learnt in your 20s? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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