Life-changing purchases you can make for less than $50.

They say money can’t buy happiness, but I’d argue that every now and then, you can buy bite size pieces.

Sometimes literally. Like cookies. Or M&Ms. For most of us, happiness quite simply looks like this.

WE LOVE YOU. Image via iStock.

But I was interested in what products (other than food...which is too obvious) have the potential to improve our lives. Of course 14 puppies and an around the world trip would add significant value to my day to day life, but my bank account simply will not allow it.

So I asked around to see what products people had discovered that added a little luxury to their lives. Or made the day to day just that tiny bit easier.

Here are the standouts:

  • The Noisli app - a colleague said "I absolutely love it, I sleep to the sound of rain". The app offers a bunch of different sounds to help you block out annoying noises, or simply get to sleep.
  • A dummy. This was an answer shared by almost every mum in the office.
  • Netflix or Stan. Unless you enjoy watching reruns of NCIS every single night on free to air.
  • Scented candles. We're talking Glasshouse. Tigerlily. The type of candles that make your whole house smell like goddamn Bora Bora. Not that we know what that smells like. Because we absolutely cannot afford to go there.
These make my house smell like holiday. Image via Tigerlily.
  • A bra that is professionally fitted. Any woman knows that an uncomfortable bra can ruin your day/month/life. BUT for less than fifty bucks you can totally afford to go and get professionally fitted, and purchase a comfortable, supportive bra.
  • A phone case. Simply to avoid the life ruining experience of dropping your phone, having it crack and then parting with $100 to have it repaired.
Avoiding this situation? Priceless. Image via iStock.
  • Bluetooth earbuds for the gym. I didn't even know these existed, but I feel I would be much more inclined to run if it didn't involve having my headphones fall out every three minutes/attach themselves in some absurd knot to my necklace.
  • memory foam pillow. I always thought I was too poor to afford anything memory foam, but I discovered you can buy them for less than $50. I would pay exorbitant amounts of money for a good nights sleep.
  • A yoga mat. You can buy a yoga mat for as cheap as $10, and they allow you to do all your yoga moves in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Which is particularly important when you're terrible at yoga (I would know).
  • A foam roller. My brother SWEARS by these. They smooth and lengthen your muscles and help release tension. If you ever get tight hamstrings, hips or glutes, a foam roller could be an absolute life changer.
  • A car smartphone adapter. This is one of those things I can never justify buying in the moment, but day to day I'd find really useful.
  • Anything from the Kmart homewares section. Kmart has the best homewares in the whole wide world and sometimes it gives me joy just to LOOK at them.
  • Aveda comforting tea bags. I'm personally not a tea drinker, but a colleague who's opinion I very much respect says that these are sensational.
  • T2 thermos. Yes, it would appear that everyone in this office is obsessed with tea. But I must admit I was impressed when this colleague told me that this flask kept her tea warm all day.  I mean...if you're into that kind of thing.
  • An orgasm alarm clock. Okay this one's a joke (I think). But seriously...they exist. Just popit in and wake up to a climax every day. I would imagine that they'd really change your life.

Of course, the best things in life can't be bought.

But on a day when you're feeling pretty lousy, a scented candle really can make all the difference.

What are some great purchases you've made for under $50?

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