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As women, we’re always busy and always on the go, so it’s easy to let slide the chores that aren’t pressing. While we all have the best intentions, often the thing that gets in the way of life chores is life itself.

Ladies, it’s time to stop procrastinating and do six little things that will simplify our lives and make us feel like the strong, independent women that we are.

1. Actually make (and stick to) your weekly budget.

I started keeping a money diary last week, and I was shocked to see exactly how all my hard-earned cashed slipped out of my hands and into my coffee cup. I was literally eating and drinking my way out of a financially-secure future. And not at top restaurants, mind you, but at local cafes that are charging close to $10 for avocado toast.

While most of us have a mental idea of how much we’re comfortable with spending, actually writing a list of allocated weekly expenses, as well as a list of where those expenses were spent, will keep you accountable to your budget. Your bank balance will thank me later.

One way to stick to your budget. Image: iStock.

2. Clean out your wardrobe.

If you’re anything like me, your wardrobe is a time capsule of every spontaneous purchase you’ve made in the past decade. Half of which still have their price tags attached to them.

I’m not sure why we have the tendency to hoard, but I’ve come up with a simple question to help you declutter your wardrobe and give you back some (mental and physical) space.

Ask yourself: Have I worn this in the past year? If not, it’s time to acknowledge that their time has passed, say your goodbyes, and give those babies a second life via the charity bin.


And no, the shorts you wore in Mykonos in 2008 are not going to make a comeback anytime soon. Get rid of them.

Declutter your life, starting with you wardrobe. Image: Twentieth Century Fox.

3. Start organising your taxes.

The end of financial year is rolling around, so start organising all your paperwork right now. Don’t wait until well into July (as I used to) because it’ll be harder to keep track of your tax-deductable expenses, and it’s all too easy for receipts to go missing.

Taking the time to learn how to do your taxes on your own, instead of relying on a partner or forking out for an accountant, will be an invaluable skill that serves you time and time again.


Stay on top of your taxes. Image: iStock. 

4. Learn how to check your breasts.

We all know how important it is to get your breasts checked, but do you do it as often as you should, or even know if you are checking yourself correctly? According to research conducted by Galaxy Online, only one in four Australian women have checked their breasts for changes in the last month. It also showed that 60 per cent of Australian women do not feel confident about checking their breasts. This comes down to not being sure how to perform a self-check, what is normal when it comes to breast health and how to notice changes in your own breasts.

As breast cancer is the second most common type cancer in Australia, being proactive in checking your own body can often mean the difference between life and death. You can find a helpful fact sheet here that will empower you to regularly and confidently check your own breasts. It’s also important to understand your risk profile when it comes to breast cancer, which you can figure out with this quick and easy risk calculator. It took me less than a minute to do mine, and while it came out that I’m in a low risk group (phew), I’m still going to chat to my GP about how to stay on top of my breast health. It’s not a bad idea to ensure you do the same.


"Checking your own body can often mean the difference between life and death." Image: iStock.

5. Finally go paperless.

I was surprised to learn that banks still send out account statements via snail mail. Although, I only have to look to my bedroom floor and acknowledge the stack of fines from all the times my e-tag failed me to realise that I’m also to blame for killing the rainforest. Not only will you feel like an environmental warrior when you make the switch to paperless, you’re probably going to be more inclined to keep on top of your finances if it lands in your inbox with a handy little link straight to the payment page.

Goodbye forever, late fees.

Be an environmental warrior like Leo. Image: Twentieth Century Fox.

 6. Visit the dentist.

When was the last time you went to the dentist? The last time you were on your parents’ private health care? (That was definitely mine). Your teeth are assets worth investing in, so pick up your phone, call your dentist and make an appointment. And while you’re at it, pick up some dental floss on your next grocery run, because you sure don’t want the good doctor to remind you for the 300th time that daily flossing is important.