Caroline does other people's life admin. But there are a few things she won't do.

If you're feeling overwhelmed with your never-ending to-do-list, there are professionals that can do it for you. Seriously.

Caroline Brunne is a life assistant (yep, that's her actual job description). She's spent more than a decade mastering the art of life management and these days, works as the founder of Organise.Curate.Design. where she helps everyday people get on top of their chaotic lives.

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We know what you're thinking. What do life admin assistants actually...do?

We spoke to Caroline to ask all the nitty gritty questions about what her job entails. Here's a peek inside her day.

So, what does a life admin assistant do?

"The real question is, what doesn’t a life assistant do?! We are the admin and logistics of your never-ending to-do list; a blend between your fairy godmother and your sidekick," Caroline told Mamamia.

"Working with a life assistant is like having a second brain and best of all, you can keep working with us as your little secret so your friends never need to know and will suddenly think you are nailing it at life."


Yes, please! 

Not only does Caroline take care of minor admin tasks, she also helps clients with their long-term goals.

"Essentially, when you work with us we help you unpack your mental load by having a detailed brainstorm session, we discuss everything from medical appointments you need to schedule to your bigger goals and dreams," she said.

"Once that load has left your brain we put it together in an actionable plan and identify the things you need to do yourself and the things you can outsource to us or another service provider. With that plan you can either choose to work at it yourself now or you can outsource it all," she said.

On the smaller scale, their services include (but aren't limited to): buying gifts for friends and loved ones, organising kids' activities, selling your secondhand clothes online, and helping with the groceries. 

But really. What don't they do?

Although life assistants can help with a huge chunk of your daily chores, there are some things they'll leave to you.

"No, we can’t go and get your pap smear for you, but we can book the appointment," Caroline said.

And to be clear, they can't stand in for you at meetings or awkward family events. Shame.

Who uses this service?

"We have a mix of entrepreneurs and people who have a traditional day job," Caroline shared. 

"The majority of our clients are women at different stages of life. Some have young children and we assist them with managing the avalanche of information they receive from schools and activities for their kids, sometimes even reading the school newsletters and adding details to their calendars so key dates are not missed.


"I’ve often said, 'if it’s legal, we can make it happen'."

What's the real benefit of a life admin assistant?

As Caroline told Mamamia, not only will they help with mundane jobs, but they allow women to focus on more important things.

"The entire business exists due to a real need to support women and give them the freedom to seek out their dreams and have someone there to back them up when it all gets overwhelming and there are too many things to do," she said. 

"We’ve helped clients with tasks that they’ve had on their list for years, and sometimes those tasks have taken us less than thirty minutes to complete.

"The feeling of relief the client experiences when we say that it’s done, knowing they can reap the benefits of that feeling of accomplishment and move on to the next exciting thing, that's what it’s all about," she said.

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I want to get on top of my daily admin. Where do I even begin?

Caroline gets it. Not everyone has the luxury of investing in this service (we wish!). So she has four tips to get our lives a little more organised.

1. Use your online calendar. 

"I love a pretty diary but online is the way to go," Caroline said. "Use the tools to have sub calendars for things like bills and meals so you can focus on one thing at a time but still have important items locked into your day."


2. Meal plan, even if it’s only for three days a week. 

"The mental load of 'what’s for dinner?' is taxing on the brain; especially when we hit our decision fatigue after a busy workday," she said.

"I personally do all of my meal planning and online grocery orders on a Saturday mid-morning when my brain is at its freshest. Matching your meals to the time you have available to you is always a good idea."

If it’s a busy night with not much time to cook, she makes the most of multi-tasking appliances - like the AirFry function in her Westinghouse oven (Caroline works with the brand), to get things "as tasty as possible, with minimal cooking time."

3. Ensure everyone is pulling their weight. 

"Everyone in the household should have tasks they do to keep everything running smoothly," Caroline said. 

"Even young children can do things like put clothes away or help set the table."

4. Ask for help, don’t get stuck in the ‘I should’ mentality. 

"We all have a lot on our plate and 'shoulding' all over yourself isn’t going to help your mental health or mental load," she said. 

"Shake off the guilt, put up your hand and outsource some items. It doesn’t need to be to a paid life assistant, there are friends and family always open to helping if you just ask."

What would you do with a life assistant? Tell us in the comments below.

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