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Libby Trickett came home from hospital after giving birth. She cried for 6 reasons.

On Monday, I shared a post on Instagram about why I cried that day. This is what I said:

I cried today. I cried because we came home from the hospital and Bronte is already growing up too quickly.

I cried because as much as Pops and Eddie adore their little sister and are happy for us to be home, they are also overwhelmed and had a shit tonne of some of the worst tantrums either of them have had in a while.

I cried because Bronte’s neck folds are the softest thing in the world and I can’t get enough.


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Poppy, Edwina and Bronte ???? #mywholeheart

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I cried because I kept forgetting to take my pain medication and got excruciatingly sore.


I cried because I finally did a great poo but turns out it was into a toilet that didn’t flush and had to get a bucket to dump the dump (OK I also had to laugh a little at that one.)

I cried because baby blues.

Anyway, I cried today, and I know that all of that is OK. Tomorrow will be better I’m sure. Thinking of anyone else who got overwhelmed by all the things – whatever they might be – and sending love.

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It’s been so lovely to see the response to that message. For me, I really feel so connected when I share something that has happened in my day and to have others say they know how I’m feeling or that they had a similar experience previously, or perhaps even that day.

It makes me feel human. It makes me feel normal. As though I’m not completely bonkers.

I felt incredibly compelled to share that experience because I don’t think we share moments like that enough. Having had a baby only a week ago, there is such beauty and love and warmth in so many moments, but there are lots of others that are just plain hard, or funny, or sore. But only all of it mixed together makes up our lives.

I think it’s really important to remember that.

On hard days, there are going to be beautiful moments and on beautiful days, there are going to be incredibly hard moments – but all of them are part of life.

It’s OK to cry. In fact there can be strength in releasing those emotions, good and bad, and it’s likely that tomorrow will will be a slightly better day – for me, it definitely was (because I pooed in the right toilet this time!)

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