Happy news for Aussie Olympic legend.


Libby Trickett, four-time Olympic gold medallist and world record holder has announced that she is pregnant with her first child, who is due in September.

Libby announced her news on Twitter this morning, with an ultrasound photo:

Libby told The Daily Telegraph that she had previously suffered a miscarriage, so is treating each stage of this pregnancy as a gift.

“I was only eight weeks pregnant but you don’t realise how attached you become to the prospect of motherhood in that time. As an athlete I knew I had to pick myself up and move on, but miscarriage can touch you in a way you might not expect because there’s a possibility of a life.”

Libby holding her neice Emma. (via Twitter/@libby_trickett)

During this pregnancy Libby says that she has marked every milestone:

“Every step in this pregnancy has felt like a personal best — the first time we heard the heartbeat was a PB, then the first scan, then the 13-week scan earlier this week. Even when I’m throwing up Luke reminds me it’s a good thing because it’s a sign I’m still pregnant.”

Libby is an Australian swimming legend, having won four Olympic gold medals. She still holds the World Record in the 100 metre freestyle.

Libby married swimmer Luke Trickett in April 2007 with tight security at Taronga Zoo on Sydney Harbour. The couple had an exclusive photo deal and entered the venue via a “walking tent”. The couple later revealed that they split the profits from selling the photos between three charities.

Libby has been a regular panellist on the Today Show talking about depression (which has run through her family) and body image. She told the Courier Mail last year: “We see so many women in magazines airbrushed to the nth degree. Some are women in their 50s without a wrinkle. It’s not realistic.”

“We all have different body shapes and we should embrace it. Why can’t we love every part of our bodies?”

Hearty congratulations to Libby and her husband, Luke.