Liam Hemsworth is all of us just trying to fit in with our partner's family at Christmas.

With the saturation of Love Actually on your screens, holidays on the horizon and Christmas lights popping up across the suburbs, it’s not like you needed a sprinkling of much more cheer in your life in December.

But actor Liam Hemsworth, 26, knows that at this time of year there’s no such thing as too much happiness, generously gifting us a beautifully awkward photo that suggests his charisma doesn’t stretch as far as charming his girlfriend Miley Cyrus’ family.

Hemsworth posed with the Cyrus clan for a family photo, which was then posted on Instagram by Miley’s sister Brandi and proceeded to prove that no amount of fame, good looks and money can alleviate the awkwardness of desperately trying to fit into your partner’s family.

Hemsworth couldn’t look more out of place than if he had instead photoshopped his own face onto the family portrait rather than actually posing in it.

Cyrus fam Christmas in full swing ????

A photo posted by Brandi Cyrus (@brandicyrus) on

Because nothing says I’m-feeling-a-little-awkward-and-do-I-look-out-of-place than an unenthusiastic half smile accompanied by some tightly crossed over hands.

Whether it is his body language or his remarkably mainstream brown sweater, this little doggo is having none of it.

Perhaps next time he should throw on some leather and see how that fairs?

*WYD = internet speak (and now dog) for 'What're you doing".