"We couldn’t be together without having a fight.” The Hemsworth brothers may be chummy now, but it wasn't always the way.

As far as siblings go, the Hemsworth‘s might as well be royalty.

They are talented, no doubt. They are fairly easy to look at, for sure. And in terms of their relationship? They spent last News Years Eve at a music festival together.

I certainly am not looking to spend any News Years Eve with my siblings just yet.

But in an interview with news.com.au this week, Liam Hemsworth admits it wasn’t always this way, and their chummy relationship was built on much rockier grounds.

Hemsworth has admitted that like navigating most sibling relationships, the brothers had their fair share of difficulties and complexities to overcome growing up in order  for them to be in the place they’re in today.

“Me and Chris didn’t get along very well when we were kids. Luke and I never had issues, maybe because he’s eight years older and at the time just seemed so much bigger and stronger. But me and Chris, for whatever reason, maybe because we’re both like-minded and stubborn but we’d constantly fight," he told the publication

Interestingly, the younger of the Hemsworth brothers admits that perhaps in hindsight his fiery personality might have been part of the issue.

“But then again, I was a naughty little kid. I had a real temper and I would throw tantrums all the time and chase Chris with brooms and throw knives at him and all kinds of horrible shit,” he said.

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Those times seem a relative world away for the brothers now, who spend quite a large chuck of time together both in and out of the public eye with their oldest brother Luke. It's Luke, Liam admits, who he was able to build a relationship with first.

“There was one time when my parents went overseas for a couple of months and me and Luke stayed at my grandma and grandpas house. Chris had to stay at my uncle’s house because we were too much trouble for my grandparents.

"We couldn’t be together without having a fight.”

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