Fluff: Iggy Azalea shows us the perils of twerking too vigorously.

Iggy Azalea

It all started off so well for singer Iggy Azalea, 24. She was dancing (and concurrently shaking her butt rather vigorously) at a bar mitzvah in Los Angeles… and then, well, things got awkward.

During some pretty intense twerking/gyrating/hair flicking… the singer’s pants split. On stage. In front of a room full of fans. While she was twerking the heck out of a song called ‘Booty’ (irony alert).

It soon got worse as the Aussie rapper didn’t notice the malfunction until the audience started screaming at her to stop flashing them. The audience being mostly 13-year-old and almost-13-year-old boys.

Iggy was not phased though and knew the show MUST GO ON. A mere pant split was not enough to keep her from finishing her song twerking around on the floor.

ON THE FLOOR. Like a common person.

Warning. This video will bring all the second-hand embarrassment feelings:

Maybe best to twerk a bit less viciously next time, Iggs. A lesson to us all… A lesson to us all…

Iggy in happier times…