Here's something we haven't seen on Australian TV before.

One in five Australian high school students do not identify as exclusively heterosexual.

But despite those figures, Australian TV does not come close to reflecting the reality of teenage sexuality.

Lead cast from Subject to Change: Katy Avery, Aiden Debono, Maryann Wright.

That’s why a new teen drama series featuring same-sex attracted lead has just been created — for the first time in Australian history.

The self-funded series, Subject to Change, tells the stories of a group of teenagers still in high school who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender.

Mercieca hopes the show will provide “proud and positive” role models.

The show, a coming-of-age drama set in a public high school, reflects the homophobia young same-sex attracted students may be confronted with and follows these young adults as they deal with their difficult and conflicting emotions.

“The series will allow exploration of many different and complex issues, however in the pilot we touch on homophobic bullying and ignorance – for example one character is repulsed by a proposed ‘same sex formal’,” Daniel Mercieca, a co-producer on the series, told Mamamia.

“We’re hoping to surprise viewers,” the show’s producer told Mamamia.

“We’re hoping to surprise viewers with a realistic portrayal of suburban Australian teens from the unique and rarely portrayed perspective of same sex attracted characters,” he added.

Mercieca hopes the show will provide “proud and positive” role models so people, particularly those of a minority, don’t feel alone.

“Older school students … will download and watch the show and think ‘Yes! There’s somebody who gets ME!'”, Mr Mercieca said.

The series will not only be directed at LGBT teens, but also to parents trying to connect with their children who may be same-sex attracted, he added.

The show has had an “overwhelming public response,” says Mercieca, with 176% of its Pozible funding target reached at the conclusion of the crowdfunding campaign.

The lead and supporting cast of Subject to Change.

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“We had a feeling there was a lot of support for this groundbreaking series, but to have met our funding target so quickly was a real vote of confidence,” Mercieca said.

Watch the exclusive teaser of Subject to Change below and get a taste of the series before it hits festival screens and gets picked up by TV networks next year.

To learn more about the upcoming series, head to this website or follow the project on Facebook or Twitter.

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