A tribute to the secret organiser of your household.

Thanks to our brand partner, Brother

I love labels. There, I said it!

But not the labels people use to divide us … I’m talking about the ones that bring us together and keep us organised.

From the pantry to the bathroom and even the light switches, labels are the one thing in life I can rely on. They act as my roadmap. They guide me from A to B.

In a world full of disorganisation and at times anarchy, a labeller is our only hope.

While some may see an unadorned flat surface as nothing out of the ordinary, I see a glimmering opportunity to apply a crisp, freshly printed label.

For most, moving house can be challenging. I’m not going to pretend that for me it’s any different, but what inspires me during these tedious times is the prospect of starting afresh, reorganising EVERYTHING and plotting out which label will go where.

My passion for labels dates back quite some years.

I remember when I was at school and would go to a friend’s house to play. Her mum was remarkably organised, and I was envious.

"I was envious." Image: Giphy.

The act of opening the toy cupboard to be greeted by towering shelves, all meticulously labelled, brought sheer delight.

Admiration and amazement consumed me. I wanted that too! Until that moment, I was totally unaware of how immeasurable disorder and chaos had crept into my life… and I was only six years old!


What started out as a regular play date on a Wednesday afternoon, turned into one of life’s most enlightening experiences.

It was at that point I realised, that when I grew up, I wanted to be the owner of a label maker. I mean, an astronaut would be fun and all, but the satisfaction reaped from organising a spice rack is insurmountable.

When I returned home, I informed my parents that the meaning of life was trapped inside a label maker cartridge. I tried relentlessly to convince them that we must immediately purchase the latest model so we could start living our new lives.

After numerous failed attempts, I was left with no other choice than to add ‘label maker’ to my Christmas wish list. As my parents were far too frugal to purchase one for me, Santa thankfully came through with the goods. It was a Christmas miracle and I began labelling immediately!

"I began labelling immediately!" Image: Giphy.

I was propelled into a state of hysterical frenzy. I was like Oprah giving away cars … you get a label, you get a label, AND YOU GET A LABEL TOO!

I’d hate to over exaggerate, but in all honesty the stapler was labelled ‘STAPLER’, the lamp was labelled ‘LAMP’ and the ruler was labelled ‘RULER’.

Fast forward to the current day.

How did this maniac of a child grow up, I hear you ask? Well I somehow have made it through. My unwavering passion for label makers remains and I hope it never changes.


Throughout my life, I’ve flirted with many models, but my most recent love affair has been with the Brother PT-D210. He is dependable, efficient and extraordinarily stylish.

At the first touch of a button, I knew it was the one.

"At the first touch of a button, I knew it was the one." Image: Giphy.

So to my labeller, I say thank you. Thank you for being there for me when I needed you most.

Thank you for saving me time, keeping me on the right path and reminding me where I keep oregano.

You have brought pleasure and strength to my life.

You’ve been there for me through thick fonts and thin.

Without you reminding me which switch is for the kitchen lights and which is for the lounge, who knows where I’d be. You truly are an essential part of my life and I hope to grow old with you … unless a new model comes along, because I’m a cougar like that.

All my love,

Your organised house owner.

How do you keep your home organised?

This post was written thanks to our brand partner Brother

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