The lessons our mums taught us that we'll never forget.

Where would we be without our mums? Aside from physically keeping us alive and providing food, shelter and basic life needs, the emotional support and life lessons mums pass down to their daughters can stick with us forever and shape the course of our lives.

A poll around the Mamamia office showed many pearls of wisdom were imparted over the years. For example, one staffer learned the valuable advice of “the simplest solutions are often the best” because “I kept slamming the door as a sullen teenager, so my mum took away the door.”

Invest in skills rather than chasing boys, the truth goes a long way and never be afraid to ask for emergency contraception. Watch the video above and here are a few more for good measure:

“Every time we misbehaved on road trips mum would throw a chocolate out the window and then let us eat whatever was left at the end of the trip. Chocolate is always the best bargaining tool.”

“Mum always told me that no matter how late I stayed out I could always call her for a lift home. She said she would rather know that I was home safe.”

What life lessons did your mum teach you?