The most beautiful lesbian weddings on Pinterest.

Got some free time this weekend? We hope so — because you’re about to be enticed down a (glittery, beautiful) rabbithole of Pinterest-perfect wedding ideas…

Festoon lighting, walls of flowers, vintage headpieces and glittery shoes: The internet is full of stunning wedding images.

But weddings with two brides? Well, they call for twice the bouquets, double the tulle, and an opportunity for some pretty damn excellent rainbow cake.

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 So today, we bring you some of the most re-pinnable lesbian wedding photos from around the world.

Wedding outfit inspo (post continues after this gallery):

And some divine décor and detailing ideas:

Now, if Australia could please legalise marriage equality immediately, so we can have ALL OF THE public declarations of love here on our shores too (preferably accompanied by stylish vintage cutley and flamingo cake-toppers)?

That’d be great, thanks.

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What are some of the best wedding ideas you’ve come across?

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