He's done it! Leonardo DiCaprio has finally won an Oscar.

It has happened.

After 22 long years the impossible, the unthinkable has actually happened.

We’ve watched award show after freakin’ award show and finally – FINALLY – Leonardo DiCaprio has scored himself a shiny Oscar for best actor in The Revenant.

This has been years, nay, decades in the making. He’s so accustomed to disappointment, poor Leo probably spends more time practicing his Gracious Oscars Loser Face than he ever even spent rehearsing lines.

Watch the moment Leo won below (post continues after video).

Video by The Hollywood Reporter

Finally, the cruel (hilarious) memes will stop. Finally, the pity will end. Finally, Leonardo Yes-There-Was-Enough-Space-On-That-Door DiCaprio is the proud owner of an Oscar.

You can watch Leo’s acceptance speech below (post continues after video).

Video by Hollywood Reporter

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, and remember of all the times Leo has been jibbed, shall we?


Best Supporting Actor, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1994): Loss.

Best Actor, The Aviator (2005): Loss.

Best Actor, Blood Diamond (2007): Loss.

Best Actor and Best Picture, The Wolf of Wall Street (2014): Win. KIDDING! He lost both. LOL. Again.

I mean, just imagine how many of Leo’s acceptance speeches have wound up face-down in a bin. Imagine how many temper tantrums have been had in the drunken limo rides home. Imagine the sheer pain of looking around the star-studded awards room every year and seeing an ocean of faces staring back, each sympathising “Ah, not again buddy!”

Not anymore, Leo.

Oh no. You have now cemented yourself as The Oscar’s Comeback Kid. You are the quintessential under dog. A phoenix who has risen from the ashes.

Of course, you could be totally gracious and humble about all of this, but if I were you I’d totally strap that thing to my neck and wear it like medal. For the entire year. I’d roll on up to Michael Fassbender, Eddie Redmayne, Matt Damon and Bryan Cranston AND WAVE THAT THING IN THEIR GODDAMN FACES.

Get a lame Oscars trophy tattoo near one of your nipples. Change your name to Leonardo DiOscars. Have your skin permanently spray-painted gold.

You’ve been waiting 22 whole years for this, Leo, so I think you have permission to gloat a lil’ bit.

Watch the trailer for The Revenant below (post continues after video).

Do you think Leonardo DiCaprio was the right choice for the ‘Best Actor’ award?