Celeb news: Everyone relax. Leonardo DiCaprio will save the Great Barrier Reef.

Forget Finding Nemo. Leonardo DiCaprio is Saving Nemo.

The 39-year-old Wolf of Wall Street star has offered his personal perspective on our Great Barrier Reef. And it’s a little bit awesome.

Look. Leo might not be anything fancy like a scientist or a marine biologist, but he’s one of the ocean’s biggest fans. He likes to swim in it, go boating on it, and in some movies he likes to die in it (see, we said he was passionate).

Last year alone he spent $3 million dollars trying to protect marine habitats. And this year he’s going to save the Great Barrier Reef, one tiny piece of coral at a time.

The man is a marine saint, what can we say?

Speaking at ‘Our Ocean Conference’ in Washington yesterday, the Wolf of Wall Street star told the congregation:

“Since my very first dive in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia 20 years ago, to the dive I got to do in the very same location just two years ago, I’ve witnessed environmental devastation first-hand,” “What once had looked like an endless underwater utopia is now riddled with bleached coral reefs and massive dead zones.”

The Prez of the United States, Barrack Obama, has decided to build a sanctuary in the Pacific Ocean near the US. Leo, Lord of the Ocean, has pledged $7 million to support the cause.

It’s okay you guys. LEO IS COMING. Leonardo “Gentle Mediterranean Current” DeCaprio.

He will never let go of the reef like he did Kate Winslet.


Editor’s note: Actual scientists will decide next year whether or not the reef is in danger. 

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