Are these girls the greatest entrepreneurs of our time?

If winning an Oscar is on your bucket list, it might be time to set aside a couple of dollars and take a leaf out of Leonardo DiCaprio’s book.

After being snapped eating Girl Scout cookies at last week’s Academy Awards ceremony, one New York Girl Scout troop is encouraging the masses to get onboard the cookie train and “Be More Like Leo”.

Buying their product, the girls reason, increases your chances of winning an Oscar.

At a recent cookie stall, the Suffolk County troop displayed this very clever sign:

Leonardo DiCaprio Girl Scout Cookies sign. Source: Girl Scouts of Suffolk County Facebook.

They do make a pretty good argument.

Leo didn’t buy girl scout cookies the other times he was nominated.

These girl scouts are regular Peggy Olsens.

For those wondering how Girl Scout cookies came to be at the Oscars in the first place, look no further than the evening’s host, Chris Rock.

Vying for first place in the dad of the year award, Rock invited his daughters Lola and Zahra – along with their Girl Scout troop – along to the event to sell cookies to the starving celeb masses.

Footage shows Rock making his way through the theatre and cracking jokes to his famous friends.

“Tina Fey! Tina Fey, alright. Get that money girls!”

“Charlize Theron, there you go.”

“Leo, you make $30 million. Come on!” he says laughing.

“Oh, Lou Gossett, watch out now. You got diabetes, you can’t have these, okay?” he continues laughing.

Video via ABC.com

Clearly the famous attendees embraced the innovative idea, because by the end of the evening the girls took home a whopping $65,243.

Proceeds from the sale will help Rock’s daughters’ troop in New York as well as a troop in Inglewood, California.

Get it, girls!

Check out other celebrities caught on camera enjoying their cookies:

Kate Winslet, talk about never letting go. Here she can be seen supporting Leo both in life and cookie purchasing choices. 

John Legend, being a legend. Supporting young women and probably buying sugary snacks for his pregnant wife, Chrissy. 

Christian Bale shame eats and “carb loads” for the next Batman movie that we all know is not coming. Awkward. 

Morgan Freeman. A man with places to be, people to see, and zero fucks to give. 

All images via Oscars 2016 video footage.

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