The Full Body Project. Raw, real and extremely beautiful.

These photos are raw, they’re real and they’ve very beautiful.

They were also created by the late Leonard Nimoy, who passed away just last week.

Many people don’t know that Nimoy felt strongly about challenging traditional concepts of what is beautiful.

He saw photography as an expression of feminine power, which culminated in the release of The Full Body Project in 2007.

The Full Body Project.

Nimoy once commented on his desire to shoot plus-size women, saying “we are sort of conditioned to see a different body type as acceptable and maybe look away when the other body type arrives.”

The thing is, he didn’t look away. For eight years he shot hundreds of women in the same way, many of them from a burlesque group called the Fat-Bottom Revue.

“These women are projecting an image that is their own,” he said. “And one that also stems from their own story rather than mine.”

These photos have kindly been supplied by R.Michelson Galleries. You can see R. Michelson’s other works of art here.

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