Lena Dunham's tribute to Jill Meagher's husband Tom.

Trigger Warning: This post deals with issues of sexual assault and violence and may be triggering for survivors of abuse.

US writer and actress Lena Dunham has paid tribute to the “beautiful words” of Tom Meagher, the husband of murdered Melbourne woman Jill, on her Instagram.

The 28-year-old posted the following screenshot from The Danger of the Monster Myth, Meagher’s powerful essay on violence against women.

Dunham accompanied the post with a paragraph impressing the importance of including men in conversations about violence against women, saying that “women speaking about assault shouldn’t scare you.”

“It should excite you, because you will have happier, more engaged and empowered partners who trust you and open up to you.

“I fucking love men, I want to be in dialogue with men.

“Tom Meagher used his wife’s unspeakable death to create dialogue, so bless the fuck out of him,” Dunham wrote.

In his essay published in April this year, Meagher wrote of the reality that unlike his wife Jill most women are killed by people they know, not by “monsters lurking on busy streets”.

Jill Meagher

He said that men need to the included in the discourse around violence, so that the agency of perpetrators is not forgotten.

“While the vast majority of men abhor violence against women, those dissenting male voices are rarely heard in our public discourse, outside of the monster-rapist narrative. Indeed, the agency of male perpetrators disappears from the discussion, discouraging male involvement and even knowledge of the prevalence and diversity of male violence against women,” he wrote.

“Even the term ‘violence against women’ sounds like a standalone force of nature, with no subject, whereas ‘men’s violence against women’ is used far less frequently.”

Dunham recently revealed her own experience of rape in a chapter of her book Not That Kind Of Girl, describing it as “a really, really terrifying thing for me to put into the world.”

Read Tom Meagher’s essay here or watch him speak about his loss on ABC’s 7.30 program below.