Lena Dunham releases "emergency" episode for her Women of the Hour podcast.

Lena Dunham has released what she is calling an “Emergency Election Edition” of her Women of the Hour podcast.

Season two of Dunham’s mini-series podcast about “friendship, love, work, bodies and more” isn’t premiering for another few of weeks, but as Dunham says, the team gathered early “for a very particular cause”: next week’s US presidential election.

For Halloween, Dunham dressed up as a grabbed pussy and her anti-Trump train is still rolling.

Happy Halloween! With love from a Grabbed Pussy ✋???? ???? by the very tolerant @jenna_wb #imanasshole

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In the episode, the Girls creator is joined by artist and activist Sarah Sophie Flicker and together they introduce a segment featuring a panel of women discussing of the upcoming election because as Flicker puts it, “right now it seems especially critical to give women a space to talk about this election. The racism, the xenophobia, the misogyny, the hate, have all been exposed like worms when we turned over the mossy rock that was this presidential race.”


Along with Flicker, the panel features the Fusion network’s Collier Meyerson, who acts as moderator, New York Magazine writer Rebecca Traister, image activist Michaela Angela Davis, playwright Sarah Jones, and Palestinian Muslim-American racial justice activist Linda Sarsour  and together they discuss what it feels like to be a woman in today’s America with it’s current political climate.

Meyerson’s first question, “As a woman, as a Muslim, as a black person, as a feminist, when was the first time you felt offended by Donald Trump?” is only the tip of the iceberg.

The panel answers questions throughout the just under an hour long episode, but the episode also features a discussion between Dunham and writer/transgender rights activist Janet Mock, and one between Dunham and Geneva Reed-Veal, mother of Sandra Bland, the 28-year-old woman who was found hanged in a jail cell in Texas in July 2015 after being arrested following a minor traffic violation.

The episode is worth listening to whether or not you agree with and/or like Dunham. The group of women she’s assembled are smart, diverse, and thoughtful. And they offer a glimpse at how different women can be but how we can come together when we need to. As Dunham puts it, “It’s a blessing to be reminded that America is full of radical women, united by their differences, who will not rest until we are all standing in our own power.”

Check out the full episode below: