"The orgasm was... intense." Mamamia reviews the 'Lelo InaWave 2' sex toy.

On the hunt for a new sex toy? Unsure what to go for and whether or not you need a newly fandangled suction element? Well, BREATHE. Because the Mamamia sex toy reviews are here to help. We get real women to get real intimate with real sex toys and then tell us about them.

This week Emma Gillman, who is a 20-year-old Editorial Assistant, reviews the Ina Wave 2 Triple-Action Massager, by Lelo. 

What does the sex toy claim to do?

The Lelo InaWave 2 triple-action massager claims to create a... "climax storm".

With 12 powerful vibration settings, a "finger-like motion" to massage the g-spot and a one-year warranty (and 10-year guarantee!), she's a multi-talented gal.

What was your first impression of the sex toy? (Just by looking at it.)

The InaWave 2 is CUTE! In the past I've been a little scared off by rabbit vibrators because they look... intense. 

But Lelo is changing the game. It's sleek and smooth with no rabbit-ear-looking things in sight. 

Image: Supplied.

How much is the sex toy? And do you think it’s worth it?

$269. And I guess it depends how much you value a good orgasm.

Let it be known that I've been converted to the trusty rabbit-style vibe and would spend my $269 at least three times over if it had to be done.


Rabbit vibrators are a staple in any gal's sex toy arsenal and with Lelo's one-year warranty and 10-year guarantee, you can be sure you'll be getting your money's worth. 

What was it like using the sex toy? And how did it really feel?

Okay, it's taken me a good while to brave the internal sex-toy game. I'm a bitch for a good clitoral vibrator, but when I saw the Lelo InaWave 2 available for trial, I rationalised that it was time to try something new. 

I started off using the vibe function as I usually would to warm up. 

The Lelo InaWave 2's larger arm moves back and forth (to stimulate the g-spot when used internally!) and although it looked pretty large to me (I have a history of vaginismus, so take that with a grain of salt) the shape allowed for a super-smooth entry.

The smaller arm sat comfortably on the outside and it didn't take long at all for the deed to be done. No time to test the other vibration settings, we had wrapped up in under two minutes and the orgasm was... intense.

I was honestly disappointed it took me so long to give this one a shot.

Describe the sex toy in three words:

Simple, fun and effective.

What score would you give the sex toy out of 10?

9. This will be taking its place as my preferred sex toy. 

This sex toy is best for people who want…

Internal AND external simulation. Don't knock it 'til you try it.

Any final words?

Run don't walk. It's been a pleasure, Lelo.

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Feature Image: Mamamia.

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