Dear Leila: I have some advice for you about your braces. From Ella - Age 13.

Dear Leila,

I heard you just got braces and also that you are being criticised for having a so-called lisp. It’s tough getting braces…I know because I got mine on last year and there are a lot of things that happen in that time. But I have a few tips and tricks to get you through.

Number one: Chew gum. It really helps you get used to chewing easily and can ease the pain you feel when you first get your braces on.

Number two: Eat soft foods. This is really important. Hard foods like apples, carrots and even corn chips, can really hurt and they also damage your braces.

Number three: Brush your teeth after each meal for the following reasons: food is easily caught in them and it can be quite a hassle to remove it especially if you’re on TV. It’s also important to clean them frequently because braces, wires and bands trap food particles that can cause plaque to build up on your teeth. If this plaque is left for long enough it can cause cavities and permanent stains on your teeth.

Number four: Dial down on the sugary foods. Too much sugar leads to gum disease and bad breath. It can also cause discoloration of your teeth. This has nothing to do with braces but it’s just good to know.


Number five: When you first get your braces you’ll most likely get some wax from your dentist. Use it because this comes in handy when your braces or wires chafe your mouth.

Number six: During the first few days you can expect a reasonable amount of pain so I advise you to take a couple of of painkillers. You may need these when your braces get tightened too.

Number seven: Having braces doesn’t have to be completely horrible. You can always make them more fashionable by choosing colours for them. Piece of advice: DO NOT go for rainbow.

Number eight: Don’t be ashamed of having them. They’ll be gone in time and then your straight teeth will be the envy of all your school friends.

I hope this helped, good luck with your braces journey, Leila.

From Ella

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