FLUFF: Leila McKinnon's 2-week-old baby girl gets a photo shoot.

Ready for some morning adorableness? Really, really ready?

TV host Leila McKinnon has just introduced her baby girl Gwendolen to the world. She’s only two weeks old but she’s already starred in her first-ever photo shoot – an exclusive with The Daily Mail. Gwendolen is Leila’s second baby with Channel 9 boss David Gyngell – “We’ll call her Gwen for short,” Leila says. Which, being a baby, she still is.

Here’s one photo that the Today Show (Leila presents Weekend Today so they’re very proud) shared on their Facebook.

For the rest of the gorgeous photos, visit the Daily Mail here.

In a characteristically candid interview, Leila talks about how difficult it was to try for a baby at 41 with IVF and the total, unbridled joy of little Gwen’s arrival.

Gwen’s got an older brother to go home too – little Edmund “Ted” Gyngell.

Ted’s probably very happy to have a little sister, but he’s also very busy doing the family coffee run:

And preparing to leave the house for the day:

They’re a beautiful little family, and we wish them all the happiness in the world.

And Ted, next time you’re heading out for coffee, we’ll have two soy lattes and a skim cap. Thanks little man. x

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