Get your listen on: Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabb have a podcast.


Now that we know anchor and host Leigh Sales can sing and play piano, I will not rest until there is a musical episode of the 7.30 Report. The ABC 7.30 host is a shameless musical theatre fan in her spare time. You know, when she’s not busy holding Australian politicians accountable, grilling foreign leaders and raising two adorable little kids.

And now that we know that fellow ABC intellectual pin-up Annabel Crabb can and will be cajoled into singing along with Sales, I will not rest until they perform a duet as halftime entertainment at Question Time. The ABC political columnist and host of Kitchen Cabinet is an accommodating friend – when she’s not making dinner with the nation’s leaders and promoting her extraordinary book, The Wife Drought.

How do we know all of this new-found (and rather excellent) information about these two women?

The first-ever episode of their brand spanking new podcast. That’s how.

These eminently admirable, sensationally qualified, extremely busy women decided they needed a hobby. So they’ve launched an independent podcast, where they’ll “play around for a few weeks… chatting about books and politics”.

They sang their own theme song for the preview of Chat 10 Looks 3. It’s really beyond description and you’d better listen to it for yourselves.

The chance to eavesdrop on a conversation between two of the smartest, funniest women in Australia? Abso-fucking-lutely I’ll download that every single week from now until forever. Won’t you?

And you can feel good about it, too. Radio is still overwhelmingly testosterone-fuelled, with virtually no female duos on commercial radio. Women talking to women about important things (and non-important ones, if we’re honest) is simply not something we hear enough. We need more female voices — and podcasts are the easiest, most engaging place to find them.

SPEAKING OF PODCASTS. (Polite segue, please prepare yourself for some shameless self promotion….)

If you like the idea of listening to smart women chat, why not add Mamamia’s podcast to your playlist too? You can have Crabb and Sales while you’re on the bus or in the car. And Mia Freedman, Rosie Waterland, Holly Wainwright, Jamila Rizvi and me while on the treadmill or cleaning the kitchen.

You can find the Mamamia OutLoud podcast in a few ways:

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You can listen to the latest episode below: