Lego Masters Australia: The best show on TV right now involves adults building sh*t with Lego.


In a twist precisely no one saw coming, the best show on Australian television right now is about adults building very exciting things with blocks.

One month ago, we were salivating over people cheating on each other while yelling “YOU AIN’T NO KING DING-A-LING” and pouring alcoholic beverages into each others… eyes.

That’s where we were at as a civilisation

We weren’t proud, but we were happy, and when Married at First Sight came to an end, no one quite knew what the hell we were meant to do.

Who knew that people giggling over Lego, and listening to the expertise of Australia’s only Lego Certified Professional (which we didn’t know was a thing until we all became Lego experts exactly three weeks ago) Ryan ‘The Brickman’ McNaught, could fill that hole.

lego masters australia

Lego Masters Australia, hosted by Hamish Blake, features contestants from all over the country competing to build the very best Lego project and you would not believe how good some people are at Lego. 

Just like Goggleboxthe concept itself sounds appalling.

"Who would want to watch grown adults build stuff from colourful blocks several times a week?" apprehensive viewers asked when the ads first started airing.

"How interesting can Lego really be?"

Well let me tell you. 

The contestants work on their projects for up to 11 hours, and so far challenges have included creating three levels of an apartment, mega cities, and completing everyday objects (from a typewriter, to a violin, to a television) with Lego.

Just like when everyone gets really into ice skating during the Olympics, the nation have become Lego experts and we have very important opinions despite the fact we have absolutely no skills.

More than once I've found myself shaking my head at the television muttering, "The proportions aren't right," or, "Look, it's just a concept lacking in creativity".

But it's not just me who has discovered that block building makes me for brilliant television.


Lego Masters is currently the highest rated television show on free to air, bringing in more than 1.38m viewers on Sunday night.

And it works because it is so absurdly pure. 

It's about creativity and team work and Hamish Blake clapping at the wrong time and imagination and The Brickman crying when he has to eliminate someone because he doesn't like hurting people's feelings.

We thought Married at First Sight signified the apocalypse. And to be honest, we'd come to terms with that.

But maybe all we ever really needed was a handful of polite adults playing with blocks.