Leggings with a smartphone holder are here. Amen.

Ahhhh, the joys of working out with your smart phone.

Having to constantly pull up your armband. Trying to run with your phone in your sweaty hand. Doing weights with your phone on the ground only to have your earphones fall out.

Struggle no more, Glowies, because there’s a genius new innovation in town: leggings with a built in pocket to hold your phone while you’re working out.

Yep, we’re cheering.

The Lume Leggings Kickstarter campaign launched last Friday and has already sold out of some versions of the pants. The campaign has already reached over $8000 of its $10 000 dollar goal, which only proves the insatiable demand for this product.

Check out The Glow team’s favourite bright workout gear in the video below. (Post continues after video.)

Lume co-founder Waira Mungai told Mashable why he started the company.

“Growing up, I was obese. By the time I was in high school I weighed 290 lbs. (roughly 131kg), and I was extremely depressed. [In] 2009, after ripping my last pair of jeans, I decided I was going to transform my life no matter what,” Mungai said.

After becoming a personal trainer, he noticed a woman putting her phone in her waistband… and it promptly fell onto the floor.

So he devised a solution:


The pants also allow you to use your phone through the mesh pocket and they have a small space where your headphone cord can fit through, so you don't have to give up on your favourite workout playlist.

The pants come in different shapes and sizes ranging from short to tall and from petite to plus size.

Lume Smart Leggings will eventually be available for purchase on Lume's website for $88.

We're already keen to buy them.

How do you work out with your phone?