Mind blown: Reese Witherspoon was not first choice for Legally Blonde.

No one could pull off a bend and snap like Reese Witherspoon, 39, when she played the character Elle Woods in Legally Blonde. But if directors of the popular movie had their way, Witherspoon wouldn’t have cast for the part to begin with.

That’s right.

So you can probably understand why actress Christina Applegate, 43, is kicking herself right now, when she decided to give a thumbs down to the role. Applegate told New York Daily News, “I kept getting sent scripts for dumb blondes."

“And here’s one of my biggest regrets: one of those was ‘Legally Blonde.’ I just didn’t want to play a dumb blonde again. Well, that was stupid," Applegate continued.

Christina Applegate. (image via Getty)

Having played Kelly Bundy on US sitcom Married... with Children just prior to being offered the role as Elle Woods, Applegate didn't want to be typecast as that sort of character.

Ouch... feel that burn.

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