9 terrible hardships all left-handed people suffer every day.

Image: Look – Jennifer Lawrence is a leftie, too. (via Getty.)

Today, August 13, marks a momentous occasion: International Left Handers’ Day.

For the majority of the world’s population, as many as 90 per cent, this isn’t a particularly relevant calendar event. But for those who write, throw, play music and use scissors (more on that in a moment) with their left hand, it’s a chance to celebrate — and commiserate.

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Because while being a left-hander makes you somewhat unique, it also comes with a whole host of daily hardships. Here are nine of them.

1. Smudging. Constant smudging.

“Happy birthday! Here’s a heartfelt card that I swear was entirely legible when I started writing it…”

2. Ink-stained hands

Oh no, not again. Image: Imgur

Remember when you finished your final high school exams... and looked down to find the side of your left hand covered in ink? Or pencil, if that's your thing (see above)? Good times.

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3. "Oh, you're left-handed!"

You kind of dread having to write by hand in front of new acquaintances, because you know exactly what's coming.

"Oh — you're left handed!" they'll exclaim, looking at you as if you've recently landed on this earth from another planet in a far-flung galaxy. Or worse, they'll ask: "Oh, are you left-handed??" as if the fact you're holding the pen in your left hand isn't enough of a giveaway.

Meanwhile, all you can really respond with is, "...Yep. I am."

4. "[Insert celebrity here] is left-handed too, did you know?"

If you're really (un)lucky, Sherlock Holmes will then proceed to rattle off a list of other people who are left-handed and just so happen to be famous. Barack Obama! Angelina Jolie! Jimi Hendrix! Lady Gaga! You're not quite sure why it's pertinent to point this out (maybe they're trying to let you know there's still hope you for leftie weirdos), but being the polite human you are you'll nod and feign interest accordingly. (Post continues after gallery.)


 5. Ring binders are your sworn enemy

You're forever grateful for the digital age, because you have many painful memories of writing in spiral school books with inconveniently-placed ring binders.

6. The whole scissors situation

Ned Flanders gets it.

There's no denying scissors are very useful things, and easy to use... if you're part of the right-handed majority, that is. For those in the minority, things aren't quite so simple. Praise be to the person who invented leftie-friendly scissors. And don't get us started on can openers, computer mouses, and just about everything else in this world.

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7. You're "creative..."

... and apparently, this renders you incompetent at anything numbers - or science-based.

8. Dining out in company

Eating along is so much easier.

If you're a leftie who's ever been seated next to a right-hander at dinner, you'll be all to familiar with the inevitable elbow warfare.

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9. Knowing you'll die sooner than righties

Whether or not this is at all true, you've heard the ol' 'left handed people die sooner' story too many times. And while you'll openly dismiss it as complete BS, deep down you can't help but feel a little... paranoid.

Do you have any left-handed woes to share?

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