Photographer calls newlywed, 'Ugliest bride ever.'


Your photographer is meant to be the one who makes you laugh hysterically on your big day. They’re supposed to ask you silly questions and get you to say ridiculous things to get the most genuine and beautiful wedding photos.

What they’re not supposed to do is call you an ‘ugly bridezilla‘.

Except that’s what allegedly happened to Ashlea Howard, 30, when she came across a wedding photo of herself and her husband Daniel Howard on her photographer Lee Maxwell Judd’s Facebook page.

The caption on the picture read, “Ugliest bride I have ever photographed. Winged the whole time. Bridezilla #1”

Image via Facebook.

After seeing the Facebook post, Mrs Howard told The Daily Mail, "It was really disgusting, I was absolutely mortified at his behaviour, it was just unacceptable."

However, Mr Maxwell Judd claimed the Facebook post was written by a hacker. The post has since been deleted, however a page called Lee Maxwell Judd Photography Feedback has since been created.

Ashlea and Daniel Howard on their wedding day.

In response to the comment Mr Judd wrote, "Apologies to all concerned. My FB page was compromised by a computer hack yesterday evening. For those that have joined in on the insults and trash talking I really pity you people. You have embarrassed yourselves and shown your true colours. I could have removed this page after the first comment but I chose to leave it up so so that others can see who you are and also have pity on you."

"Since the hack I have had a few hundred new likes. I am booked out till 2019 with wedding photography and all of my clients have paid 50% deposits. Most of my clients have messaged me with their support and encouragement. For those adding negative reviews, keep them coming. They only promote my business for the better," the message continued.

Watch the video below for crazy wedding photographers. Post continues after video...

According to Mrs Howard, she was unhappy with the majority of the 1200 photos captured from her outdoor wedding. She felt they were overexposed, making the background blurry and guest's faces unrecognisable. But Mr Judd claims this is his 'creative style'.

Mr Judd, there are some times when we should just keep quiet. We think this might be one of them.

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