Famous athlete brags about his wife's "all natural births" in quite odd birthday tribute.

It’s always lovely when someone publicly wishes their significant other Happy Birthday on Facebook. Even though they could probably totally do it just by rolling over in the morning and saying it out loud to the person who is probably totally lying next to them in bed.

But still.

There is definitely a place for public displays of affection. Like sending someone flowers at work instead of bringing them home. Smart people know you get extra sexy romance bonus points when you show your love in a performative way. Sometimes it’s just nice to announce to the world that you love someone.

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So when one of the world’s most famous athletes, US basketball player LeBron James, posted a Happy Birthday message to his Facebook page for his beloved wife (whose name we’re not entirely sure of because he doesn’t use it, referring to her instead as my princess emoji), he lists some of her best qualities and attributes. [UPDATE: we googled it and her name is Savannah James and she and LeBron were childhood sweethearts who began dating at 16 and she became pregnant with their first child in her last year of high school. Sweet.] Anyway. This:

The post from LeBron James' Facebook page

Did you pick the odd words out in that tribute? Here's a clue.

Wait, what?

Did we miss the memo about an 'all natural birth' being an accomplishment worth acknowledging in a public birthday tribute? Does Hallmark make a corresponding card that says, "Happy Birthday To The Mother Of My Children (All Natural Births)"?

The politics of birth and the misplaced judgement that can sometimes go around it are well documented.

What does "all natural births" mean, anyway? That they came out of her vagina instead of via c-section? That she had no drugs?  And how is that relevant to anything in any way again?

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Can we please all join hands across the internet and just quickly and firmly agree that a healthy baby and a healthy mother is what counts when it comes to birth. How the baby is born should not be something that bestows status on anyone, least of all the father who had nothing to do with it after the initial squirt that started the whole process.


Cool. Happy birthday Savannah! We don't care how your babies came into the world!

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