We can't believe parents are still doing this.

We all know the dangers so why are so many parents still doing this?

Every year we write about this. Every year the story is the same. And every year the tragic outcome stops our hearts. It has to end.

This summer we have been blessed, so far, that we are only reporting on the fact that kids have been left in hot cars, not the death of a child in a hot car. I hope and pray this is how it remains (I’d prefer it not to happen at all), but so far the signs aren’t good.

With heatwave conditions in Victoria on the weekend there were six incidents of children being left in locked cars. Surely parents know better?

Police reported that two children aged under 10 were left inside a car in car park, in central Melbourne, around lunchtime on Saturday.

Three children under five were also left in a car at a fast food restaurant in Geelong. These children were lucky that passers-by had more sense than their parents and alerted police.

Ambulance Victoria state health commander Paul Holman was forced to, once again, warn against leaving kids in hot cars. In a carefully worded warning he said the practice was risking lives, and parents needed a reminder to not duck into a shop and leave their kids in a car.

Over the last American summer 22-month old Cooper Harris was left in a hot car by his father, Justin Harris.

“I don’t know how many times we have to say: Don’t do it. Small children very quickly will become dehydrated and the consequences – we’ve already seen deaths in the past," he said.

Luckily I am not a representative of the ambulance service as I am not sure I would have worded it a quite as eloquently. Wake the f**k up parents. If you are stupid enough to leave your kids in a car you don’t deserve them.

Over the last American summer we heard the heartbreaking tale of a 22-month old boy, Cooper Harris who was left in a hot car by his father, Justin Harris.

Justin Harris claims he forgot to drop his son at daycare. Police allege it was deliberate and he now faces felony murder charges.

We heard of a 15-month old, Benjamin Rogers-Seitz who also died after his father forgot to drop him at day care. In a remarkable act of forgiveness his wife told Associated Press that she does not blame her husband.


Time and time again.

15-month old Benjamin Rogers-Seitz died after his father forgot to drop him at day care.

An 11-month old in Perth, a five-month old in Bendigo, a three-year old boy in Queensland. There are reasons and excuses, there are theories and explanations.

Experts bandy about terms such as ‘fatal distraction’. They tell us that it could happen to any of us. And I accept it that it could. I accept that at times we are busy and our brains might just switch off. I accept that humans are fallible and make mistakes.

I know that statistics show more children have died from being left in cars after it became mandatory to have our children in the backseat strapped to rearward facing car seats. I accept all that.

What I do not accept is the irresponsible, callous, careless parents who deliberately leave their three kids in a car park in Melbourne.

Parents who think it’s okay to run into Woolworths for another slab or a packet of smokes and leave a baby sleeping in her car seat. Who risk the lives of their children through their actions.

They know full well it is hot. They themselves are dripping in sweat as they throw on their thongs and singlets and take a quick trip to shops. They leave the window down a touch to combat the heat. But simply they are too selfish to care about their own kids.

It is these incidences we must rally against. It is this scourge of summer that we must talk about so that over the next few months we continue to just write about the kids who are saved from hot cars rather than the ones who die in them.

Have you ever left your child in the car? Do you think it is dangerous?

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