"I'm thinking of leaving my wife for a Thai prostitute."

Well, this is the most concerning case of delusion we’ve ever seen…

A British man has written to The Mirror’s Agony Aunt, “Ask Colleen”, to express his desire to leave his pregnant wife and shack up with a Thai prostitute.

“Please don’t judge me,” he writes, as if such a thing were possible.

“I’m a 40-year-old man and my pregnant wife is in her 30s. 

We travelled to Thailand on holiday for the first time eight months ago where I met a 19-year-old prostitute and, to my shame, I think I’ve fallen in love with her.

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I was at a low point – my wife is wonderful but she’s become very cold of late. I know she’s pregnant, but she doesn’t fancy me now and I have to say it’s mutual.

I was out on my own in town when I met the Thai girl. Talk about beautiful and exotic – she looked other-worldly. She turned me on so much and we had the most mind-blowing sex – the type of sex I’ve only ever dreamt of before. Although I did pay her, I felt there was also a meeting of minds and that she understood me.

We met up a lot after that. I couldn’t help it – she was so warm and inviting. When we made love it felt like heaven, so we did it many times and even thinking about her now I can’t help but get turned on.

My wife doesn’t do anything for me now I’ve been with this girl and I am contemplating leaving her and our unborn child to go to Thailand. I know it’s a risk but I don’t believe I’m just another punter to her.

What would you suggest? I think I’m in love with her." 

Oh, you dear, sweet, delusional man.

Luckily, Colleen hit back with a fittingly scathing reply.

"I think if you really believe what you've written in this letter then you should do your wife a favour, pack your bags and go to Thailand. She deserves so much better, and so does your unborn child." 

Mic drop. Colleen out.

What advice would you give to this man?