Woman finds terrifying note on her car after going for a walk.

A Queensland woman has been left terrified after an unknown man left a note on her car window offering her money for sex.

The 24-year-old discovered the note after she and a friend returned from a walk along Yeppoon track in Kemp Hill last Sunday.

leaving a note on a car

The hand written note reads, "Hello my sexy baby, I love your body which you could walk up the mountain without your red and purple top on so I can see your sexy tits. I have put a thing on your car. I will follow you before you go so I can undress your body and have wild sex with you and if you love it I will pay you $500."

leaving a note on a car

The lookout from Kemp Hill, where the woman was walking. Source: Facebook.

Speaking to the Sunshine Coast Daily, the woman's mother, Donna Barnicoat said that her daughter originally considered the note to be a joke.

"The note even described what the girls were wearing," Barnicoat said.

"I looked at it and I thought is this for real? How creepy is that? And after she talked to everyone and they figured out it wasn't someone they knew, we thought, okay now this is concerning."

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Upon returning home the woman decided to share the note on local Facebook pages to alert others.

The post received a number of comments from residents of the area saying they had recently seen a man watching young women sun bake on Kemp Beach.

"It is a bit worrying. It just goes to show to make sure you go with someone," Barnicoat added finally.

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