The list of baby names that are going extinct in 2017 is here.

It’s a sad day for the Berthas and Franks of the world, with a new report finding them among 2017’s endangered baby names list.

Like the Tasmanian Tigers and Black Rhinos before them, the findings from Baby Centre show certain names have become so unpopular this year, they are officially endangered species.

Topping the list of least wanted boys names are:

Ian, Frank, Clarence, Ricky, Edmund, Gus, Roger, Bertram, Clive and Roald…

Sorry Ian... (Image: Getty)

.... and for the girls:

Cilla, Bertha, Cynthia, Janice, Anita, Marcia, Mildred, Dorothy, Edna, Bonnie, Cindy, Donna, Gail and Karen.

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Rather than dwell on how unpopular your carefully selected child's name is, look on the bright side.

Now, your Bonnie or Gus really is one in a million... just like you always told anyone who would listen.