Why "leaning out" at work is a terrible idea.

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Leaning in so hot right now.

I lean in all the time. Into my coffee. Into my pillow at about 10:30pm.  And at work with my best mate Lucy.  Check the angle on this shit. That is some fierce leaning.

Monique and Lucy. Not even trick photography here.

Ever since Sheryl Sandberg coined the phrase, meaning we need to keep our foot on the accelerator, women everywhere have put their noses to the grindstone.

But in a world where leaning in at work has come to mean just doing more work, more hours, more often, is it counterproductive?

This week Mia Freedman wrote an incredible piece that said we badly need to have another conversation.  About leaning BACK. Not out, just back.

But when you scale back your career to raise a family, why is that considered “leaning out”? It’s certainly not any easier.

This week on the Mamamia Out Loud Podcast, Susan Carland, Mia Freedman and Monique Bowley discuss the one big mistake that women make:

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Do you agree that women should never lean out?

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